Real Estate Investments
Real estate investments
Real estate investments

Want a yielding profitable investment? You’ve come to the right place!

Nizag Real Estate enables small and medium-sized investors to be part of the success and enjoy high returns.

You can invest starting from 100,000 NIS.

Our gold list includes dozens of investors who receive current and ongoing information about investment opportunities that have been examined and found to be attractive. We personally invite you as an investor to enter the Gold List and receive valuable information whenever a new and interesting investment is on the agenda.

What awaits you on the gold list?

A selection of investments in a variety of amounts in long or short term projects so that we can customize the investment as per your own capacity and requirements from a wide range of carefully selected investments
Investors on the Gold List receive full ownership of the property and enjoy full transparency every step of the way. Investors on the Gold List receive personal guidance from experts and leading real estate professionals who will lead you to success.

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